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The new Zenodo is live!

In the entire 2023, until October, our team worked in closed collaboration with the Zenodo team to launch the new version, now based on InvenioRDM, the turn-key research data management repository platform.

You can read more about this very important milestone in the official blog post and the OpenAire blog.

The future CDS

This is also a fundamental step for the future version of CDS, which is also based on InvenioRDM. Thanks to this new Zenodo launch, InvenioRDM is now a battle-tested platform, and it will receive constant improvements to make sure that it fulfils the needs of researchers worldwide.

We have learned a ton preparing the new version of Zenodo, not only developing features, but also preparing the infrastructure. With all these lessons-learned, the new CDS will be a more reliable and performant platform.

Next steps

We will work until the end of this year 2023 to analyze the features available today in CDS, and identify the ones that are essential to migrate to the new version.

We are working on a detailed migration plan, and we will get in contact with the main communities to better understand their needs and ensure a smooth transition from the current CDS to the new one, in 2024.

We are very excited, and we are looking forward to seeing the new CDS being used at CERN!

Updates on the new CDS

Summer has already started 😎 and, in the previous months, we have worked hard to integrate the latest development in the new CDS platform.

The result looks beautiful!

The new CDS platform is the brand-new version of the current CERN institutional repository, a modern and easy-to-use website where CERN users can archive and share their research, multimedia content or departmental documents.

You can now preview and try out the latest features in our test instance (reachable from inside CERN campus). Just to mention a few, we have integrated users and groups CERN databases; newly uploaded publications will now have a DOI out-of-the box, ready to be shared and cited; files are securely stored in EOS file system. And there is much more.

The “Browse” section contains links to collections and categories to the former CDS platform: we will slowly migrate data to this brand-new CDS.

The footer of the new CDS website contains useful links to make sure that you will find the information that you need.

The production instance will be soon start to be used by some selected communities at CERN, and we will gather feedback to continuously improve it and make it as easy as possible to use.

After summer, more features will be coming 🚀: we will make it very easy to restrict and share documents with other users, and we will work on the administration panel to fully manage records and users in the system.

This version is just the base for the future CDS. More features will be needed to support all current use cases. To that end, we will be contacting and working together all main users so that we can define together the plan for completion of this future Institutional Repository.

If you wish to, open the new CDS website, login, try it out and share feedback with us!

The new CDS, based on InvenioRDM

With the LTS release (v9) and the latest release (v10), InvenioRDM has reached the maturity needed for production-ready digital repository websites. InvenioRDM is a generic data management repository, developed by our team in collaboration with many partners all over the world. Free to use and open-source.

The InvenioRDM demo website.

As already done by several partners (e.g. Caltech University, TU Graz University, TU Wien University), our team worked hard to create a preview version of the future CDS, available at

The new CDS website, based on InvenioRDM.

As first milestone, we have created and deployed the new instance of CDS and also migrated a selected set of records, metadata-only. This initial setup will allow us to iterate with the process of data migration, expanding incrementally the number of records and improving the data quality.

In the first quarter of this year, we will continue working on the InvenioRDM product, adding more features and integrating them in the new CDS website.

We will also start an analysis of the feature-set available in the current CDS, but still missing in the new platform: thanks to this, we will be able to come up with a plan for the next steps.

We are very excited to finally see the new CDS taking shape! Stay tuned for future announcements!

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